Caribbean Producer Services (cps)

~Island Style Photography~

Ron Kipp


Grand Cayman, Originally USA

Ron moved to Grand Cayman some 35 years ago.   Ron is a pioneer within the dive industry and holds many awards for his achievements in helping The Cayman Islands tourism become what it is today.  Ron has owned Caribbean Producer Services since 2004 and although he doesn't go on location shooting anymore, he is still a vital part of the Company - He writes the Paychecks!

SPIRIT ANIMAL:  Nassau Grouper

Amanda Nicholls

Full Time Photographer/VIdeographer

Cayman Permanent Resident, Originally England

Amanda arrived in Grand Cayman in 2005 as a dive instructor.  Within 6 months she started working for Caribbean Producer Services as an underwater videographer and fell in love. She since progressed as a self study photographer and has won awards for some of her underwater images.  Amanda is the team supervisor at CPS and will still make sure she gets out and about on the boats several times a week as she cannot stay out of the Sea for long.   Amanda is CPS' main event and portrait photographer.  You can check more of her photography at


Alice Gostick

Full Time Photographer/Videographer


Alice was destined to work at CPS.  She came to us with a degree in Filmaking and Media.  In the 2 years she has been with CPS, Alice has become an excellent, all round photographer and has also been known to be on the other side of the lens.  You can read some of her blogs at  You can find Alice at her happiest anywhere where she can take a photo. Alice keeps things calm in the office when the technical storms start brewing and is a blessing to the company.


Katie Thorpe

Full Time Photographer


Katie certified as a Divemaster in Malta before joining this side of the pond to work with CPS.  She didn't just bring her smiley self, but also a Diploma in Photography and experience shooting small weddings and functions.  Katie loves to work hard, making sure she doesn't miss that shot, always striving to do more and go that extra mile to bring you some amazing images to take home.  Whether it's topside or underwater, Katie has that special touch.  We are very happy to have Katie onboard.


Shelly Mountain

Full Time Photographer


Shelly hired her way into our CPS family at the start of 2019.  Shelly leaves behind a career as a Chef, for the love of the outdoors and the Ocean.  She studied and passed a diploma in photography course, is a trained Divemaster and has knowledge of cameras and their functions - not only that , her drive and focus while out shooting is sending back rewards as she grows into an awesome photographer.  Shelly is CPS' chatterbox and keeps us entertained in the office, yet, we are still waiting for her to put her Chef hat on one more time and make us some yummy treats!


Lars Elstrodt

Full Time Photographer/Videographer


Lars is the newest member of our family and is off to a flying start. He is our movie producer as well as an awesome photographer. Lars is well traveled and has many years experience shooting underwater video for dive guests.  His travels have taken him from Australia, to Thailand, Bonaire and lots of other countries. Lars also comes from a Theatre background and is well 'in tune' with the use of light, composition and all aspects of media and editing.  Lars is everyone's friend and, being the only male on the working team, does a pretty good job at keeping all the girls under control and joining in on their girlie talk.  (Poor Guy)


"A camera didn't make a great picture anymore than a typewriter wrote a great novel" - Unknown

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